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1. which one more handsome, brad pitt or tom cruise?
oliver james, louis khoo, hans isaac,

2. Favourite song to sing at the karaoke?
goyang inul... wakaka

3. your current favourite movie?
eden lake ngn slumdog millionaire

4.what song do you listen when driving?
cite tom n jerry... haha

5. what day did you hate the most for this week?
hari ini dlm sejarah

6. What the first thing you eat today?
roti ksong yg sgt sdp

7. continue your word with "IF.....
"if... kalau, jika,

8. shoes or bag....
shoes n bag

9. Country you always wanted to go?
one utama... hehe

10. If you are angelina jolie...who would you date?
all ensem men in da world