heppi ending :-)

in the previous entry i wrote how stress i am in completing the asgnment. i slept at 5 am and woke up at 7.30 am this morning...... pergh.... ble bangun terse di awang- awangan.

and then wait for the lecturer because i ve a presentation at 1030 am..... but the class ve to postpone to 3.30 pm..... i felt so relieved since our group not preapre at all

and u know wat....

kitorg nye keletihan, ketidakcukupan masa utk x tdo finally berbayar ble our group was announced as the best group...... shuke sgt.... :-)

congrat 2 oni n haynee my mmbers group

now its time 2 study cz i ve paper this wednesday.....

gud luck utk sume kawanzzzzzzz.... buat yg terbaik.... dont ever say u cant do or u r stupid.... aku doakn korg berjye dlm exam kli ni